Volume 1 was the first chapter of Elemagic. It was the trading card-chess game that who had power to cheat the game. The story involve Cormag Blaire who was retired chess player and soccer head coach.

Ultimate TeamEdit

Once upon a time the manager, chess player, shogi player, microphone user or a grand slam celebrity actor, the boxer, and a goalkeeper who had a criminal record. They are meeting to celebrate Cormac’s retirement.

Sugar Boy Floyd Mayweather retires from boxing after the boxing fight against Manny Pacquiao. He loves boxing since birth thanks to his final opponent. Ray Curtis shares his thoughts about his international soccer career as a midfielder until he chance his role as a goalkeeper.

Shogi Player Barry Juchi who was known defeating many players without losing any of his battles last year also Chess Player Jane Miller without losing any match as she defeating many players last year. They are both the best shogi player and chess player respectively.

The actor Coco Martin finishes the meeting and manages to tell the exonerating plan of the manager, the manager. The four professional people around him fears Cormac. Cormac opens the book and activate the spell, the spells surrounds around and places to five of them.

The five people were furious because of the manager’s work, Ray Curtis trying to punch him, Floyd Mayweather swearing to kill him, Jane Miller and Barry Juchi cries and Coco Martin is in disbelief. Then the Manager shouts his real name to everyone who was carded and the white light turn them into five cards and revealed to Coco Mante. And then the manager shouting his name earlier was…