These words are rare ones and I even discovered. It can rarely use in the sentence to fit my story.

List of WordsEdit

  • Protuberance - Is a thing that protrudes from something else. Is the fact or state of protruding.
  • Penchant - a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something.
  • Frantic - marked by fast and nervous, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity.
  • Vexed - mad, angry or displeased.
  • Woos - try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), especially with a view to marriage.
  • Prognosticate - foretell or prophesy (an event in the future).
  • Dilapidated - cause (something) to fall into disrepair or ruin.
  • Ramshackle - in a state of severe disrepair.
  • Subdue - to get control of (a violent or dangerous person or group) by using force, punishment, etc.
  • Fascinate - to cause (someone) to be very interested in something or someone.
  • Slubberdegullion - A filthy, slobbering person; a sloven, a villain, a fiend, a louse.